BOM Report 2011

Annual Report, 2010/2011


Enrolment Average Attendance Average %
2010/11 76, 875 429.5 70,567 394.2 91.2%
2009/10 80,204 453.1 74,251 419.5 92%
2008/09 86,220 476.6 78,792 435.3 91%


The attendance figures for 2010-2011 are very similar to those which were reported in 2009-10. The very slight decrease may be ascribed to the very poor weather in late November and December. The school was closed for 3 days in total. All members of our school community are deserving of commendation for the efforts which were made to keep the school open during this spell of very severe weather conditions.

Total enrolment continues to decline. The enrolment figure on 30 September was 434, and at the end of the school year, it was 425. The figures for the coming year will show the worsening trend. 59 pupils transferred to post-primary and 44 pupils are enrolled for Junior Infants. In spite of this situation, the Department of Education and Skills has announced that a new primary school will be built in Swords between 2011-2015. The time has come for the BOM to be proactive, and to speak to elected representatives about a policy which permits one school to be run down while providing for new schools at the same time.


A concerted campaign has ensured that our staffing numbers will remain practically the same for the new school year. Ms Bernadette Sweetman and Mrs Ethne Appenah resigned. We thank them for their service in our school and wish them well as they embark on the next phase of their careers. Mr Barney Donnelly retired as cleaner and we wish him a very happy retirement. In 2011-2012, there will be 26 teachers and 5.5 SNA posts. This is a very slight reduction on the staffing which obtained in 2010-2011.

Board of Management

The Board of Management met monthly on a formal basis. All BOM members visited the school regularly. A number of policy documents were re-drafted during the course of the year, and details are contained in the minutes of the BOM. It published a Newsletter for parents at the end of the school year, 2010/11. The present Board of Management ends its term of office in October. We thank all of the BOM members for their dedicated service to our school community and wish them and their families well. Fr John Ferris, our Chaplain and BOM member has been transferred from our parish. We take this opportunity to wish him well as he commences on the next phase of his ministry.


The Parents’ Association organised a raffle and a bag pack and contributed €3500 to school funds as a result. It also was involved in the organisation of the multi-cultural evening which was held in April 2011 and it assisted at the series of concerts which were held in June 2011. The Parents’ Association also funded treats for jog day, the visit of Santa, Easter and Sports Days. A Teddy Bears’ Picnic was organised for the new Junior Infant pupils on the Sunday prior to their commencement in school.

Buildings and Grounds

The Board of Management has continued with its campaign to improve the facilities, the buildings and the grounds of our school. During the year 2010-2011, the following improvements were effected:

  • Replacement of the school roof
  • Re-location of the school library
  • Installation of a new playground area for the junior pupils
  • Establishment of a multi-sensory room
  • Provision of new office accommodation for School Completion Programme personnel
  •  Provision of 4  picnic tables
  • Pathways and driveways re-surfaced
  • Safety railings erected
  • 7 Interactive White Boards installed in Junior Classes
  • Mimio interactive boards and data projectors installed in all resource rooms

Other Noteworthy Events and Activities

  • Celebration of Fr Sean O’ Neill’s 50th Anniversary as a priest
  • Concert programme published
  • 3 concerts in June 2011
  • Retention of Fingal League Trophy by the school team
  • Development Plan drawn up for new school year