BOM Report 2010

Annual Report, 2009/2010


Enrolment Average Attendance Average %
2009/10 80,204 453.1 74,251 419.5 92%
2008/09 86,220 476.6 78,792 435.3 91%


The total enrolments are decreasing as is illustrated. The figures for the coming year will show a more marked decrease. 67 pupils transferred to post-primary and 47 pupils enrolled. This loss of 20 pupils has been exacerbated by transfers throughout the last school year. This situation was noted and reported to the DES, the Archdiocese, county councillors and TDs. A meeting of local principals was held in St Colmcille’s BNS, and attended by Darragh O’ Brien, TD. It was pointed out the town of Swords did not need an additional school because there was spare capacity in the existing schools. Despite this activity, a new Educate Together school was opened in Holywell in September 2010.


There was a loss of 1 mainstream post and 1 language support post in September 2009. One additional resource teacher for pupils with special needs was appointed.

Board of Management

The Board of Management meets monthly on a formal basis. All BOM members visit the school regularly. It has been extremely proactive in its support for the pupils and staff. A number of policy documents were re-drafted during the course of the year, and details are contained in the minutes of the BOM. It published a Newsletter for parents at the end of the school year, 2009/10.


The Parents’ Association organised a bag pack and contributed €3000 to school funds as a result. It also was involved in the organisation of the multi-cultural evening which was held in.  April 2010. The Parents’ Association also funded treats for jog day, the visit of Santa, Easter and Sports Days.

Buildings and Grounds

The Board of Management has continued with its campaign to improve the facilities, the buildings and the grounds of our school. During the year 2009-2010, the following improvements were effected:


  • Planting of flower beds
  • Installation of new windows and roof lights in classrooms (Summer 2009)
  • Installation of new mains water system (Summer 2009)
  • Data projectors installed in every classroom


  • Teaching computer in every room, wireless keyboard and mouse put in each classroom
  • Projector screens installed in every classroom (February)
  • Roller Blinds erected in every classroom (March)
  • New sinks installed in every classroom, push-down taps also installed
  • Multi-sensory room established
  • Roof replaced
  • Library re-located

Other Noteworthy Events

  • Second Green Flag presented (April)
  • Multi-cultural Day (April)
  • FAI cup brought to school by Lorcan Fitzgerald  (past pupil) and Conan Byrne of Sporting Fingal (May)
  • School soccer team beaten 2-1 by Oatlands in final of Cup. Game was played at Irishtown Stadium
  • School soccer team won Fingal section of League. Went through season unbeaten in League.
  • Art Exhibition in June