November 2012

Sponsored Jog

The draw in connection with the Sponsored Jog was held on Thursday, 25 October. The amount collected from the Sponsored Jog was €6,928.68 from a total of 307 cards returned. These figures constitute a reduction of 8% on last year’s figure of €7,478.92. If the remaining 100 cards were returned with a contribution of €10 on each card, it would make a significant difference to this year’s school budget.

Meetings with Teachers

The annual parent/ teacher meetings will be held during the month of November, and it is opportune to remind parents that an appointment should always be made if they wish to meet with a teacher because of the preparation which is necessary prior to a meeting. Appointments may be made by writing a note in the Homework Journal or by contacting the Office at 01 8405132.


Concerns have been expressed recently that there has been a decline in pupils’ punctuality in the mornings. Assembly is at 8.50 and it is very disruptive to school organisation if pupils arrive at school after this time. A signing-in system will be introduced during the next month so that the extent of this problem can be ascertained and monitored. A similar situation obtains with regard to that minority of parents who wish to collect their children prior to the official dismissal times. The signing-out system will be enforced strictly from late November 2012 onwards.

Parents’ Association AGM

The AGM of the Parents’ Association was held on Tuesday, 25 October 2012. We thank the parents who attended, and congratulate the parents who were elected to the Committee of the Parents’ Association.  We take this opportunity to thank the Officers whose terms of office have now ended, and we send our best wishes to the new Committee.


During this month, a survey will be carried out to ascertain the level of interest in re-commencing swimming lessons. We will provide details with regard to costs and give an indication of the price which it would be necessary to charge. It will also be necessary to ensure that there are sufficient volunteers available to assist with supervision, and that these volunteers have been vetted.


  • To Ms Caroline Cottell and her husband, Ray on the birth of their daughter, Jane.
  • To Ms Lorraine Smith and Mr Ron Wainwright who were married recently.
  • To Ms Bernadette Sweetman, our former colleague, on the recent publication of her book, Our Family Mass: Resources for the Family Sunday Liturgy, Year C.

Cars in the School Grounds

Our insurers have asked that parents be reminded that only staff members are allowed to drive cars into the schools grounds when the school is open.

Duty of Care

The school’s duty of care commences at 8.50 a.m. It is important that parents do not send their sons to school too early, and that they remain in the Junior Yard with the younger pupils until the boys are collected from their lines.

Important Dates

Tuesday, 5 May First Penance
Thursday, 25 April Confirmation
Saturday, 18 May First Communion


We welcome V Rev Michael Carey who has recently been appointed Administrator to St Colmcille’s Parish and we look forward to working with him

Ní neart go cur le chéile!