October 2001


We welcome to our school the following teachers: Ms. Anne White, Ms. Fiona Bernard, Ms. Martina Murray, Ms. Bernadette Sweetman, Ms. Margaret Mc Bride, Ms. Brenda Wall, Ms. Orla O’ Doherty, Ms. Clare Bowe, Ms. Caroline Coughlan and Ms. Bernie Keating.

We welcome our new junior infant pupils and their parents, and also the pupils who have joined other classes in our school. 

We welcome back Mrs. Kay Byrne who has been appointed to a permanent position as a Classroom Assistant.

Change of Teaching Duties

We wish Ms Angela Noonan well as she commences as Resource Teacher to our junior pupils with Special Needs.

Get Well Wishes

Everyone in our school community wishes Ms Teresa Cleary well as she recovers from the injuries which she received in a car accident during the summer vacation.

Mr. John Rohan

We extend the sympathy of the school community to Ms. Cora Rohan and her family on the occasion of the death of her father.


  • To the officers and members of the Parents’ Association for organising the Race Night and to the parents who supported it. A cheque of £3,000 was handed to the Principal on Friday, 15 October 2001.  The money will be spent on buying computers so that there will be a PC in every class. 
  • To the parent who made a very substantial donation to school funds recently. The money received has been spent on computer software.
  • To Mr and Mrs. Kilduff for sourcing and delivering new chairs to the school.
  • To Shane Maxwell and Fingallians GFC for organising Gaelic Football coaching for the boys in 1st to 5th Classes.

Development Plan

The next phase of the Development Plan was presented to the Board of Management on Monday, 22 October 2001.  It is hoped to build a resource room at the top of the hall. Further details will be announced as soon as the financial implications have been analysed.

Information Technology

It is intended to network the junior classrooms during the next month.  We are also in the process of updating some of our PCs.

Cars in Grounds

Despite frequent reminders, there is still a minority of parents who persist in driving their cars into the school grounds especially at assembly and dismissal times. The school insurers have advised the Board of Management to remind parents that this practice is strictly prohibited. We thank parents for their co-operation in this vital safety matter.

Ian Kenny

We congratulate Ian Kenny, one of our Senior Infants pupils, on the starring role which he is playing in Fair City.

School Closures

  • Monday, 29 October to Friday, 2 November (Inclusive)
  • Wednesday, 28 November 2001 (In-service day)
  • Friday, 7 December 2001 (In-service day)

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent teacher meetings for Junior Infants, Senior Infants, fifth and Sixth Classes will be held on Friday, 23 November 2001.Reports will be issued prior to this date. Parent teacher meetings for the other classes will be held in late January /early February 2002.