Retirement of Mr Tom Shields, Chairperson of the Board of Management –  A Tribute

Mr Tom Shields retired as Chairperson of the Board of Management on Monday, 2 March. We take this opportunity to pay tribute to him for his years of service to the people of Swords.

He enrolled as a pupil in New Borough Boys’ School, Swords on 19 June 1944, and he left primary school on 28 June 1952.

He served as a Governor of the New Borough Schools from 1972 until 2014. He became a member of the Board of Management of St Colmcille’s BNS in 1991 and was elected Chairperson of the Board of Management in 2003.

He has been a very supportive Chairperson and he has been available at all times to help our school in every possible way. He has overseen great improvements in the physical fabric and resourcing of the school.

He has been unfailingly courteous in his dealings with staff, parents and pupils.

We thank Tom for his great contribution to our school community and to the Parish of St Colmcille, and wish himself and Áine well for the future.

James Bennett, Principal

2015 VHI Women’s Mini Marathon

This year the Mini Marathon takes place on Monday 1st June and we would be delighted if any parents, guardians, aunts, sisters etc. would be willing to take part in this event to raise funds for our school.

Each year the cost of running the school gets higher and higher and this fundraising opportunity is a great way to raise some seriously needed funds.

Registration for the Mini Marathon starts on February 11th next and will close on 17th April or when the maximum number of entries has been reached.  You can apply online at or through the entry form printed in the Evening Herald on each Wednesday and Saturday from 11th February 2015. This event is for FEMALES only.  Entries cost €18 and online entries will incur an extra €1 bank processing charge. Click here to view the 2015 VHI Women’s Mini Marathon Information Sheet

Members of our Parents’ Association will be co-ordinating this event and t-shirts will be provided to those taking part.

If you are interested in taking part in the VHI Mini Marathon on behalf of St. Colmcille’s BNS please fill in the form which your son will bring home from school and return it to the school office at your earliest convenience.  Members of the Parents’ Association will be in touch with you in due course to plan for this event.

Many thanks for your continued support.