Artists of the Month – April 2016

The Artists of the Month for April are Raoul Dufy (Junior Classes) and Leonardo da Vinci (Senior Classes). The boys will study these artists and some of their works. Prints of some of the artists’ more famous works will be hanging on the display boards opposite Room 9.


The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

Posters at Trouville by Raoul Dufy



Book Fair, 1916 Commemorations and our Concert!

We are running a Book Fair in the school hall this week. The boys are enjoying looking through the fantastic selection of books! Books are available to buy from as little as €1. There is also some stationery available. Many thanks to those who helped to organise this event.

book f book fair boys book fair p3070055 stationery

We are also busy preparing for the 1916 Commemorations…


1916 display 1916

and our concert next week! Tickets for the concert are still available. Many thanks to everyone who has helped to prepare the boys for what promises to be a fantastic event!

School Uniform Survey Results and Policy Change

Please click the image below to see the full results of the survey:Uniform Survey Results

Thank you to the Parents’ Association for organising the recent uniform survey and thank you to the wider parental body for the huge response to the survey.

The main details from the survey results are:

  • 246 families responded to the survey
  • 73% of respondents were in favour of introducing a polo shirt to the school’s PE uniform, with 77% favouring a grey polo shirt
  • 81% of respondents were in favour of introducing optional tracksuit shorts

Having reviewed the results of the survey, and the preferences of parents, the Board of Management have decided to adopt two changes to the school’s uniform policy:

  • A grey polo shirt will be a mandatory part of the PE uniform from the 4th of April
    • It is not mandatory to have the school crest on the polo shirt, plain grey polo shirts are perfectly acceptable also
  • Green tracksuit shorts may be worn during warm weather in August, September, May and June, beginning in May of this year
    • Old school tracksuit bottoms may be cut and hemmed or green tracksuit shorts will be available for purchase in Pat O’Farrrell Uniforms for €12 – €14
    • Tracksuit shorts can be worn on all warm days in August, September, May and June with the school’s tracksuit top and a grey polo shirt, not just on PE days
    • Tracksuit shorts are an option for students to wear in August, September, May and June, they are not compulsory